Welcome to Nature’s Brush Studio!

I am Ted Simpson, Certified Bob Ross Instructor!  Come take a class with me and let me guide you through a Bob Ross style painting!  You wont believe the talent you have inside you.  You just need a little push and let those dreams fly out onto the canvas!

I specialize in first timers, but people with experience will be challenged as well!  Let’s have a fun time with family, friends and new acquaintances!  Our classes are informal and fun!

Have fun scrolling through the various tabs.  Take a took at my upcoming events, or even click on that ol Youtube button up top, that takes you to a ton of timelapse videos from my older twitch broadcasts!

Please contact me through my email, imtedsim@gmail.com or call me 248-622-9053 .  I dont see responses any other way.  Thank you!


Awesome write up of the best time!

2020 is starting out with a bang!  Look for updates on my class schedule this year, with more dates, more locations and maybe even a special event or two!






July 2019!

I was at Comic-Con San Diego. I worked with Nic Hankins and the Bob Ross inc crew, and put on 6 classes over 3 days in beautiful San Diego (stay classy).

While you are here, take a gander at my Live Fox2Detroit appearance back in July 2018:

Call me for any info and let’s create something together!  Imtedsim@gmail.com  or call 248.622.9053

Check out my upcoming events, see past events, galleries and more.  I paint, I teach and sell Official Bob Ross Paints and Brushes!  Contact me for whatever you need!