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August update,  well here we are, still locked down, still painting online.  I taught a small class in July as a testing the waters situation.  It was so great to get back to it.  Check out the classes page to see a pic

I have started recording my reddit broadcasts, click on the YouTube link at the top of the page and check out some full length demos.

I also started an etsy store, www.etsy.com/naturesbrushstudio.  Check out the works I have, with more planning to be added!

During this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic, lots of things have changed.  My whole roster of classes has been cancelled or pushed back and no formal classes have been done since early March and right now, there really isnt a firm end in site.  Please stay home, stay safe and wash your hands!  Do everything the CDC and your local governments deem the best practices at “flattening the curve” so we can weather this pandemic, without maxing out our hospital’s capabilities.

In the mean time!

I have been actively painting online!  I have completed lots and lots of online live demos and mini classes.  I am creating a new page on here especially for all the paintings i have done so far.  If you have an interest in buying one, please let me know!  I am also planning on giveaways and other promotions to keep my business alive as best I can.  If you want to paint along, that would be great!  Let me know if you have any questions, requests or comments!  imtedsim@gmail.com.

Facebook,  Ted Simpson or Nature’s Brush Studio, either page will tell you when im streaming next!

instagram- @imtedsim  I post lots of pics of my work there!

Twitch.tv- @paintwithted  Still stream from time to time!

Reddit- u/tedsim    I do alot of streaming on their public access network.  Check out all the streamers at r/pan  and the other subreddits r/TheArtistStudio, r/RedditMasterClasses and mainly on r/distantsocializing, because I like to talk!

The old page begins below!

I am Ted Simpson, Certified Bob Ross Instructor!  Come take a class with me and let me guide you through a Bob Ross style painting!  You wont believe the talent you have inside you.  You just need a little push and let those dreams fly out onto the canvas!

I specialize in first timers, but people with experience will be challenged as well!  Let’s have a fun time with family, friends and new acquaintances!  Our classes are informal and fun!

Have fun scrolling through the various tabs.  Take a took at my upcoming events, or even click on that ol Youtube button up top, that takes you to a ton of timelapse videos from my older twitch broadcasts!

Please contact me through my email, imtedsim@gmail.com or call me 248-622-9053 .  I dont see responses any other way.  Thank you!


Awesome write up of the best time!

2020 is starting out with a bang!  Look for updates on my class schedule this year, with more dates, more locations and maybe even a special event or two!






July 2019!

I was at Comic-Con San Diego. I worked with Nic Hankins and the Bob Ross inc crew, and put on 6 classes over 3 days in beautiful San Diego (stay classy).

While you are here, take a gander at my Live Fox2Detroit appearance back in July 2018:

Call me for any info and let’s create something together!  Imtedsim@gmail.com  or call 248.622.9053

Check out my upcoming events, see past events, galleries and more.  I paint, I teach and sell Official Bob Ross Paints and Brushes!  Contact me for whatever you need!