About me


Hi! My name is Ted Simpson. I am a Certified Bob Ross Instructor, and I want to teach you the Joy of Painting in the style of Bob Ross. I hope to instill a lifetime love of art as he has brought me.

I have been studying and practicing various forms of art for many years. I used to watch Bob, as well as Bill Alexander, (Bob’s mentor in the wet-on-wet style) on PBS back in the ’80s and ’90s. He showed me that you don’t have to be blessed with the talent of Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci to create a beautiful work of art. Just a love of nature, and a little bit of practice and you can create wonderful paintings that do not take weeks and months to create.  A very effective  and evocative painting can be created in just a short amount of time.

Private lessons are available, as well as private group events.  Host a church group, Boy or Girl Scouts events, gals night out, or at any event with family and friends!  I have a dedicated art studio at my home, or I can travel to your location.

Do you run a community meeting, like VFW hall, Lions Club or Elks lodge?  Town or other community council meetings? Have me over for a demonstration of the style, and keep the painting to give away or raffle off!

You can do this too.  Let me prove it to you.  So many times I have heard variations on, “I can’t draw a straight line”, or ” I can’t do that, I have zero talent for art”.  It’s just not true. Anyone with a dream in their heart and the courage to give something new a try can paint.  Give me a chance to show you success, and you will learn the Joy of Painting and will want to keep going!

I live in the Farmington Hills area with my wonderful wife and daughter, who have been nothing but supportive of my efforts to become an instructor. They have been my greatest champions and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

Come with me on this journey and lets practice the Joy together!