A whirlwind month

The year is winding down now, and what a crazy one it has been!  Last couple of days to go and already 2016.  I never would have thought that it would turn out so great.

First my family and I are healthy and happy, that is the most import ant thing.  They are my rock and everything that’s good in my life is because of them.

My painting this year have exceeded any and all of my expectations.  I have had so much fun (and a little frustration), but the good is way ahead of the bad.  I have completed a couple more commissioned works, something that has given me alot of pleasure out of.  A couple of new ones are coming down the pipeline, and I’m looking forward to those too.

If I were the kind of person to make some new years resolutions, first and foremost would be to get this blog looking a bit better, more professional in appearance and such..  Let’s work on that and if anyone has any more suggestions please drop me a line.  Take care!

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