January updates

Having a great new year so far, how about you?  January is the start here of some new features for my website.  More frequent posts, updates, videos than i have done in the past, and hopefully these regular updates will help to keep you coming back for more.

As always, get ahold of me if you have any questions, booking opportunities, thoughts, feelings anything at all!

So January is the time where i am holding classes that have been booked for some time now.  Since people have realized that giving Classes out as gifts is a great way to share the Joy of Painting with their friends and family, I have been quite busy with events for the new year already!  Not only for January, but February and March are heating up to!  Please let me know if you want to have your own event, or join an existing event, but be warned, they have been filling up quick!

I have also booked a few appearances as a CRI that have been requested through Bob Ross Inc.  I am so happy, proud and excited to be headed to Chicago next month at a vendor show for the Indiana High School Art Exhibition, just recently was asked to take part in a charity event for Gamer’s Outreach in March.  More details as they arrive.

Im still doing my weekly stream, 35+ consecutive Wednesdays and counting!  Catch up on all the craziness at www.twitch.tv/paintwithted.

Take Care and Happy Painting








A sad day to comment on…

I am so sad that I heard about Fox 2 Detroit meteorologist Jessica Starr’s passing.  I don’t know all the details behind her taking her own life the other day, but when I was at the studio this past July, I was struck by her friendliness and willing to try something new.

Her painting along with me and her colleagues brought joy to me and her countless fans who tuned into the show.  She will be missed by all those in her family, and also friends and viewers.

APTFM success!

I was so honored to be a part of the Bob Ross Inc’s participation in the American Public Media Fall Marketplace on November 6th in Baltimore, MD.  Meeting and working with Joan Kowalski and Jeff Langkau was a delight and I appreciate their professionalism and friendship.

To help promote the show, I taught a quick 90m class at the Producer’s Expo with a number of public television producers, employees and hosts. I had a great time and hope to do more of these!


New content on my YouTube channel!

I finally got around to creating timelapse videos of my previous twitch streams.  Please click the youtube icon at that top of the page, or visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSnz7zUESDhzxuRRbLNazSA  and check a few out!  Id love to be able to have a custom username, but i need 100 subscribers to start that process.  Please help me out and subscribe if you can, thanks!

Another day, another painting opportunity

Lets be honest, I’d love to be able to paint every day, all day!  But life has that weird tendency to get in the way.  From regular house and lawn maintenence, grocery shopping and laundry, we all have things to do.

Take a moment out of your day to admire nature, admire the work you put in on any project.  That will make everything else just a bit better.  And if you can,  paint something!!

Wow what a day that was

Fun time being on TV!  What a ride!  I was so nervous but I have a lot of great feedback from friends, family and well wishers.  Thank you!  I hope to book a class or two after this appearance but even if not, it was a great thing to do!


Please enjoy the playback!