15 minutes…obtained

Andy Warhol once said, “Everybody is famous for 15 minutes”, and today with my morning news appearance, perhaps this was mine!


I had a great time at the studio, it was great seeing how the news station works, the different sets and all the hard working people that make a daily news show possible.

Everyone, from Al , Scott, and Tom behind the scenes to Jessica. Maurielle, and Deena the news anchor of The Nine show, were so friendly and welcoming during my appearance.  Thank you all!


January 13th class is full!

Actually one over my supposed 10 student maximum, but I have the tools for 11, and 2 willing students, so we shall go for it!

I also had to turn down some students today, four of them! I feel bad that I can’t accommodate, but I’ve taken names for February 10th, the date for the next class.  Is it time for 2 classes a month?  It may be! Stay tuned.

Merry Christmas!

I Hope you, your family and friends have a great day, and got lots of painting supplies to get the new year off to a happy start.

I am happy to announce that I will be painting live soon! Put on your calendar to remember to watch the Official Bob Ross Twitch.tv channel, www.twitch.tv/Bobross on Friday, January 5th, 2018 at 8pm.  I’ll be painting live in front of a huge audience of Bob Ross fans.   Join me and paint with me, or just hang out and watch for an hour or so while I create a beautiful winter landscape.


Biggest news of the year?

In terms of my business that is!  I will be on CRI friday on Twitch, hosted by the Bob Ross channel!  Oh man I am so excited that I will be painting live, to hundreds, if not thousands of weekly watchers on January 5th, 2018 at 8pm!

So much to do!  So much practicing.. Can I lose like 90 pounds by then 😛

More details as they come available!