Upgrade time!

I am updating and upgrading my inventory with the addition of new easels for my students.  Don’t get me wrong the Bob Ross travel easels are cool and all, and I’m sure I will continue to get good use out of them, but the new, Napoli style 3 legged tabletop easel should be a welcome addition to my arsenal of supplies!

More seats now available starting my next class. Check out the upcoming events for more details!

Having fun with streaming

While getting ready for class this weekend (7 confirmed!)  I got an email from the Bob Ross company who let the CRIs know that they are reviewing anyone’s test streams to possibly be on the official Bob Ross twitch channel! You better believe I did a demo stream and sent it for review.   So, maybe I’ll get a chance to paint on the Friday night twitch stream sometime in the future, wish me luck!

Getting excited for Dec 2nd!

Getting materials together, priming canvasses, packing up.. must be hobby lobby weekend!  Check out the class schedule and contact me if you want to join! We have 4 confirmed and that may change soon!

On a different note, things are working behind the scenes for a new venue starting in January, in addition to the Monroe Hobby Lobby, which I will be continuing on 2018.  Stay tuned for more!

Great day today!

I had a great time today at the Monroe Hobby Lobby, I had a nearly full class of eight students who did a fine job, despite being new, and never had picked up a brush.   A great time was had by all and a few are already signed up for my December 2nd class!