Bob Ross certification week 1 complete!

What a week!   I drove to Florida over 2 days and spent a week in lovely New Smyrna Beach, where I attended the Bob Ross Certified Instructor training.   It is a 3 week course but I only was able to attend the first week.

I had a blast painting along with roughly 20 other students from all over the country and even a few international ones!  The instructors, Doug and Eddie were consummate professionals and led the class in a timely and efficient manner.   Plus, lots of coffee and cookies all day which was appreciated 🙂

Each day we did one painting, usually with a step by step tutorial, except for Friday where we painted it all at once after watching Doug paint the whole thing.

I learned a lot and felt the class was very worth it.  It helped me get better and will definitely be useful in both increasing my skills as a painter and a teacher.

I put the 5 paintings in my gallery, they should be at the top when the page loads.

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