Sometimes you just have to step back..

Doing this painting last night, I prepared by watching Bob’s episode Ocean Sunrise a few times.  Going to work on it, I sort of forgot a few steps, went back to the episode, watched a bit, painted a bit and so forth.  After I finished the sky and started on the wave, I just had to start doing it on my own.  There is a lot of ways and methods for creating a wave and many of the steps can be done in a different order, and with different brushes.  Step back, think about what YOU want to do next, then do it!

Work with what works for you!  That is the tip I would give today.  Some might have better luck with the fan brush, some with the filbert, some with even the knife!  Do what you want with what feels right.  But don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while and try new things.  Happy accidents can and will happen.  Don’t worry about it.  Every painting is a learning experience in one way or another.


Have fun and happy painting!#167oceansunrise


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