Things always come up..

Trying to get painting done is tough when there is always demands on your time!  This weekend is the long delayed basement upgrade progress, choosing new carpet and laminate flooring (for the art studio part).

We had a small water intrusion (i.e flooded) back in March, and for some reason, our insurance did not cover it!  Gar…  Well, we decided to pull the carpet up rather than risk mold.  So we now are choosing our carpet and we made the decision to lay down floating laminate flooring in the section where my painting studio is.

This will allow us to have our basement back (XBOX and comfy chairs), as well as have a place to paint without worrying as much about paint spills and have an area to teach!  I’m really looking forward to both (and getting all the stuff we stored upstairs back into the basement).  Pictures to follow of course once we have this installed.


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